These are known as difficult pairs.
Dictionary Definition
Talk (as a converstion)   Talk - Talked - Talked  - to say things to someone as part of a conversation.

A list of the most commonlly used irregular verbs.

Ask for:   Ask/request somebody to give your something. 

Phrasal verbs are widely used in English.  Here is a list of phrases containing the word 'get'.

Infographic to help you remember the many irregular verbs found in English.

What does delegation mean?  How can delegation be understood so that techniques can be learned.

The 'infinitive' is the 'base' form of a verb.

It usually includes 'to'.

These verbs are used to describe something that is happening or a state of being.

Borrow is similar to take.

 This is a verb tht is used within the main part of a sentence to describe an action or state of being.

'Able' is used in the structure 'be able + Infinitive'.

There are specific prepositions that link with verbs to create a different meaning.

Common short verbs such as those below are often used with prepositions (unfer, over etc) or adverb particles (on, off, up, away).