Eating and drinking have great importance within most cultures, however much they change and incorporate new ideas, the main culture remains the same. 

Fast food has infiltrated most cultures, and although companies such as McDonalds claim to sell the same food regardless of location, culture has had an effect.  For example, McDonalds milkshakes and breakfasts are commonly found in the UK, whereas in spain you are more likely to find muffins and beer on the menu.

Think about your native and/or adopted country.

How has the eating and drinking culture changed in the last 20 years?

Which styles and cuisines are fashionable?

Which styles and cuisines are no longer fashionable?

Are there any specific foods that are of particular interest to you?

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Do you always have the sweet/dessert curse?

Do you often have a starter?

Does the colour of the surroundings you are eating affect your appetite?

Do you know about the 5 s day recommendation?

Is the recommended amount in your native country higher or lower?

Do you eat 5 a day?

Do you regularly eat breakfast?

Do you think breakfast is important?

Do you eat/ would you consider an oriental diet?

What do you think are the benefits of an oriental diet?

If you left/have left your home country, what would you miss the most?

Do you watch cookery programme on TV?

Do you like watching celebrity chefs?

Do celebrity chefs inspire you to cook?

Do you know any chefs?

Do you like 'street food'?

What is your opinion of Genetically modified food?

Do you prefer to eat food that has been sourced locally?

What is your opinion on the pesticides that have been used on your food?

Would you prefer to eat organic?

Have you heard of the phrase 'field to fork'?