Present Simple

Base verb with `s` for third person singular

Used for everyday routines and habits – can be used for future

                                Example:                I go to English classes every weekgrammar1

                                                                I don’t go to English classes every week

                                                                Do I go to English classes every week?

Present Continuous

To be + Gerund (ing)

Used to describe something happening now and in the future (with time)

                                Example:                I am swimming. (now)

                                                                I am swimming tomorrow.

                                                                I am not swimming.

                                                                Am I swimming?

Present Perfect Simple

Have/has + past participle

Used to discuss the past which has an effect on the present (the present outcome is important)

                                Example:                I have given you a watch.

                                                                I haven’t given you a watch.

                                                                Have I given you a watch?

Present Perfect Continuous

Have + been + gerund (-ing)

Used to talk about something which started in the past and is still continuing – has present results

                                Example:                I have been working

                                                                I haven’t been working

                                                                Have I been working?