This programme will help you improve your skills within a group or meeting environment.

Being a leader is a difficult role and requires dedication and hard work if you want your team to succeed.    Despite all these know factors the failure rate amongst leaders is still high, as many teams do not appear to relate to their leaders or their companies.  Avoiding this negativity, requires an understanding of what team members want from their job, and why they continue to arrive at work every day.  Any leader that can harness this will succeed and develop a great team working environment. 

Is your business growing?  Do you want more from your business?  Take a reality check, think big and then put your plans in motion.

Leadership Theory

The Tannenbaum and Schmidt Continuum for leadership, highlights how increasing the levels of delegation can affect a team.

It shows how a leader can take a team from one end of the scale to another, and therefore develop a team that has varying levels of responsibilities.

To be a great leader, delegation is vital, as this enables you to take on more responsibility and manage people.  It can be a difficult skill to master.

MBA, Masters or Postgraduate Dissertation or Thesis

Define a clear question and your proposed approach to answering it

Follow these hints to ensure that your proposal contains all the key elements for a proposal outline

We make a million decisions during our lifetime, and how we make the decisions often depends on the situation.  We could choose were to go on holiday by stocking a pin in a map, or we could choose what we spend our money on.  Each decision is based on a variety of different relevant factors.

You can use your google analytics data to make comparisons between the way that visitors enter your site and where they go once they are engaged.

Franchises have different requirements depending on the country that you intend to open the business in. 

 Writing is an important element of any business aspect, and using the techniques employed by  creative writers will help you create better copy.


Writing a PHD proposal requires specific information. Make sure all elements are included.

Marketing should always work around the customer


Potential barriers to sale need idenitfying BEFORE the become a barrier.  Some barriers can be:

After choosing your words and message carefully, write both long and short setences to appeal to all types of reader.  After each paragraph follow with a sentence of few words - To pack a punch.