Why learn online?  What benefits do you get? . It is currently a growing industry with over 7 million students.

Online learning is growing industry and the latest figures are that over 7 million (as at 2015) students are currently learning online. 

Language learning is one of the areas where traditionally students complete part of their learning online but with a significant part being within a traditional classroom, due to the need to speak and listen. 

However, technology has changed and now students can take part in conversation classes and speaking programmes 24 hours a day.  They can practice and payback their own speaking within the privacy of their own home, thus avoiding the embarrassment of bad pronunciation.

In terms of credibility, online learning is no longer treated as a second class qualification, especially within the English language learning field, as most of the major exam boards have online exam access or will accept applications from online students for their office based exam boards.

Advantages to the student come in the form of flexibility, accessibility, options and scheduling.

Most courses do not need the presence of a teacher at all time, with contact being made by message board or classroom email servers, enabling students to fit in their studies around their other commitments - an element which is almost non-existent within a traditional setting.

The internet is now available in most areas of the world, and is generally considered affordable, and is becoming increasingly reliable.  With the absence of restrictive timetabling course notes, lectures, discussions and additional material can be easily shared across the class.

The options available online are enormous, especially in the field of English language learning as courses are available that cover every aspect, from basic holiday conversation to master's degree in business English.

Scheduling is a bonus for mature learners and is often preferred by employers, as study time can be incredibly flexible, and the classes are usually slightly shorter than traditional classes due to the intensity.