An opportunity within the  coaching and learning sector to work for yourself, develop your business skills and channel your drive and motivation.
Are you looking for a new challenge where you can develop and improve your own business skills? Do you have a passion for learning and development, ambition and motivation?  Do you want more control over your future?
Have you considered working for yourself, but want advice and support along the way?
As a company we offer a unique position within an online learning organisation, and have over ten years' experience of working within Europe. We are looking for people who have a passion for learning and believe in Continuous Professional Development.
This is a self-employed position where you will be given a high level of business and developmental support at regular intervals.  You will be provided with appropriate training which will enable you to develop your own skills and branch out.
Klari-T's aim is to provide clear high quality understanding within business practices.  The primary focus is on promoting teamwork and professional leadership across todays culturally  diverse working environment.
As a recession proof business, this coaching and development business can be started alongside your current commitments, and can be run from home or office,  on and offline.  People are at the centre of the business and as such we care for both our clients and our partners.  You will be able to develop your skills alongside your business growth, with a managed and agreed development programme.  In order to successfully run your own business you will be given coaching on marketing, leadership, customer service and management.
In return we ask that you have a computer and good internet link, excellent communication skills, commitment and determination to achieve.  With hard work and dedication you can achieve a stable financial future. If you are eager to improve your own skills and prospects then Klari-T is your next step. In return for your hard work and distribution of our services, Klari-T will provide you with marketing, promotion and team building skills.
For every product sold you will receive 50% of the net profit.
Learning online is a growing industry, which is successfully competing with all traditional learning providers.  The current online market has approximately 7 million online students, and it is estimated that this is still less than 10% of the potential market.  Many learners are choosing to combine online with traditional classroom learning to enable them to reach their goals quicker and cheaper.  Klari-t has a unique position within this industry in the services it provides, and focuses on global business practices.
This process would suit anyone who wants to work from home, or who currently works with people who are looking to enhance their global business skills.  The programme is not only focused on those who are learning english, but also those who are working, or planning to work, within a different country to their home one.
Run your own online marketing campaigns and have access to your own portal to ensure that any students remain linked to you.
Package includes:
     Your own branded, multilingual website.
     Your own domain
     Payment portal
     Integrated booking systems for students or associates to book classes and send confirmations
     Training in Business Development practices
     Appropriate web updates and security
     Help line
     Dedicated mentor
     Customer management system
     Online Facebook and google pages
     24 hour email and answering service
     Online marketing support
     Business support
This is completely online business that could be run from anywhere and gives you the flexibility to work exclusively online from a tablet and/or create smaller localised campaigns.
The business requires some initial work in terms of setting everything up although full training and support will be given for this, and any income received after this initial time will depend on the amount of time you have to dedicate to the business.  This is a real business, and the rewards are dependent on the effort put in.
Please send your CV and a short paragraph about yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.