Do you know which words are subjects?

Make sure you know all the questions word options to make you a more fluent speaker.

These are known as difficult pairs.


Dictionary Definition

Talk (as a converstion)   Talk - Talked - Talked  - to say things to someone as part of a conversation.

Phrasal verbs are widely used in English.  Here is a list of phrases containing the word 'get'.

There are a range of differences in using these words.

'Close' and 'Shut' are words that are frequently confused and used in the wrong situations.

Infographic to help you improve your confidence and fluency by understanding the basics of English plurals.

Present Simple

Base verb with `s` for third person singular

 Used to discuss the quantity of something.

 Gain confidence with the differences between these words

English is made up of many phrases and many prepositions are linked to specific adjectives for enhanced meaning.


'The´ is called the definite article, and can also be used for the plural.

A/an is the indefinite article (singular).  Some/any is often used as the plural

Much and Little

   With uncountable nouns to talk about a quantity of something

Using English within conversations is one of the most challenging parts of learning a language. This free downloadable booklet aims to provide a range of food based conversations and information using quantifiers.