Have you considered your thoughts on personality? 


Acknowledging and understanding personality is an important element of global business. 

Consider these questions to give you a better english understanding of personality.


What personality trait do you like the most? Why?

What personality trait do you dislike the most? Why?

How can someone change something about themselves that they don't like?

Who is your favourite person and why?

What kind of personality makes for a good student?

How do you choose your friends?

Whose personality do you prefer, your mother's or your father's?

How does one's personality affect their mood?

What do your friends have in common? What is similar about your friends?

What about your personality has changed over the years? Why do you think it has?

Name a skill that you share with one of your parents.

Tell me something that makes you different from your parents.

Who has had more of an effect on you; your mother or father and why?

What have you learned most from your teachers?

How are your parent’s different from your grandparents?

How are you different from your parents?

Why do you think there is a generation gap?

Who are you more like, your mother or father?

What has had the greatest effect on your life? How did it effect you?

What do you think most people would like to change about themselves and why?