In general, the answer to this much asked question is -

That depends on your reason for learning English and how much work you are prepared to put in each week!"

Not much help if you are trying to study for a specific time, such as a holiday, exam or university start date.

Cambridge ESOL Programmes state that

A1 (Beginner) level takes 100 hours

A2 (Elementary) level takes 80 - 100 hours

B1 (Intermediate) Level takes 150 - 200 Hours

B2 (Upper Intermediate) Level takes 100 - 200 Hours

C1 (Advanced) Level takes 100 - 300 Hours

C2 (Advanced +) Level takes 200 - 400 Hours.

For example

To go from A1 (beginner) to B1 (Intermediate) takes an average of 400 hours.

To go from A2 (elementary) to C1 (Advanced) takes an average of 700 Hours.

To maintain motivation and a sense of achievement, we work in stages - ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

Most English Language providers, teachers and schools have a language programme that ensures that a level can be achieved in one academic year, sometimes two.  As many students now have access to online resources and activities, and the speed of the world, especially the business world, has increased and students wish to advance a level within 6 months or less - aiming to achieve an advanced level in 2 1/2 years.

Our programmes have been developed so that this is achievable, and depending on a student's commitment, it can be achieved even quicker.

A course that takes 200 hours to complete means that a student would traditionally complete 4 hours of English per week,  a year per level.

If a student can complete 8 hours per week, a level can be achieved in 25 weeks (5.5 months)

10 hours a week takes 20 weeks  (4.5 months)

14 hours a week takes 14.5 weeks  (3.5 months)

16 hours a week takes 12.5 weeks  (3 months)

By completing a self-study programme combined with regular online or face to face contact with a native language teacher, the student can take complete control over their learning programme, remaining motivated and being able to achieve their individual goals.

So… It will take you approximately 200 hours to achieve upper intermediate level. , which could be reached in three months.