Are school uniforms good to have? Why or why not?

Are straight-A students smarter than others or just better at memorizing things?

Are teachers the only ones qualified to teach children?

Are there any subjects you wanted to study but they weren't available at your school?

Are there good colleges in your country?

Are there things your school does not teach that you think it should?

Are things that your school teaches you that you think are not important?

Are women encouraged to pursue education?

Can parents influence their children's schools?

Can you teach someone who has no desire to learn?

Did you attend college?

Did you ever feel like you should have gotten a better grade then you did in a class?

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

Did you go to a good high school?

Did you go to college or university? 

Did you have any teachers you didn't like?

Did you make friends in high school that you still keep in touch with?

Did you procrastinate studying?

Did you really learn in school or did you just memorize information and pass tests?

Do college professors give students syllabuses at the beginning of term?

Do elite universities help or harm your country?

Do many people in your country study abroad?

Do parents’ home-school their children in your country?

Do prefer school uniforms or casuals clothes better?

Do private schools offer higher quality education or are they just prestigious?

Do teachers sometimes teach things that are not important?

Do you enjoy going to school? If so, why if not why?

Do you think a person can become a genius, or are they just born that way?

Do you think it is easier to learn as a child or as an adult?

Do you think it is necessary that there are windows in the classroom to provide for a proper learning atmosphere?

Do you think public speaking can improve your English?

Do you think your teachers give too much homework?

Do you wish you had been home schooled?

Does education guarantee a good job?

Does your country have good public universities? If not, why?

Does your country provide a good public school system?

How does college compare to high school?

How important is curiosity in a student?

How long must you go to college to get a degree?

How much homework should teachers assign students?

How much is too much homework?

If a school gets more money, will the quality of education always improve?

Is it difficult for people without a college education to get good jobs where you live?

Is it easy to get scholarships or government grants?

Once you graduate from a university should you stop learning?

Should education be free?

Should people go straight from school to university, or do something different?

Was it a good school?

Was school ever cancelled for a day when you were a child?

Were good grades important to you?

Were there cliques in your high school? Were there gangs?

Were you clear on what professors expected of you?

What are some good ways to learn English?

What are some important factors in determining which college to attend?

What are some ways a person can continue to learn?

What are the dangers of cheating?

What are the qualities of a good student?

What are the qualities of a good teacher?

What are the skills that separate good students from bad students?

What are your fondest memories of high school?

What classes would you take?

What do you think of home-schooling?

What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of state and private schools are?

What do you think would have been the best thing you could have learnt at school?

What do you wish your teachers understood about you?

What does your education mean to you?

What improvements does the school system need?

What is a "genius"?

What is the age that children begin school?

What kind of world do you think this would be if people never went to school?

What makes someone qualified to teach children?

What realistic changes would you make to your country's attitude toward education?

What regrets do you have?

What skills separate good students from bad students?

What subjects were you bad at?

What subjects were you good at?

What teacher impressed you the most?

What was (or is) your favourite subject? Why do you like it?

Where did you go to elementary school?

Where did you go to high school?

Where did you go to junior high school?

Where did you go to kindergarten?

Where do we learn the skills necessary to become a good student - in elementary, middle or high school?

Where you in a group?

Which is more important, the essential skills in life you've learned to develop on your own or the artificial structure in college about the "real" life?

Who was your favourite teacher?

Why are you studying a foreign language?

Why do students cheat during tests and exams? How do they cheat?

Why do you think people become teachers?

Why is it helpful to learn a Second language?

Give me a reason why people should learn a foreign language.

Which language do you think is the hardest to learn and why?

Which language do you think is the easiest to learn and why?

Why do you think people don't always say what they mean?

 Tell me a situation where you might tell a white lie.

How can you tell when someone is lying?

Tell me one instance when we say one think but mean another.

How are idioms useful?

Tell me your favourite idiom.

Who has helped you the most with your language skills? Tell me what they did to help you.