Can you learn English without Grammar and Correction?

We believe you can.

At Chatterbox English we have classes online that are designed to remove the grammar rules and constant correction from the learning process.  The time spent pounding grammar rules into student’s memory and the repetition of classic mistakes means that less and less of your valuable time is spent in conversation.

Our lessons are designed by a teacher who has been working within the field for over 20 years, with a specialist is business English and teaching children.  She has worked across a variety of countries, cultures, expectations and reasons for learning, and has come to the conclusion that people learn in the same way regardless of age.  The drawbacks of being a more mature learner are simply that you try to over analyse, translate and understand the rules surrounding English, rather than just allowing themselves to talk.

The best way to learn a new language is through total immersion, which entails speaking to anyone about anything regardless of the mistakes made.  For example:  if you go to a restaurant, the waiter will work around your pronunciation, or requests to explain a particular dish.  You may also notice that as you say something, the waiter may repeat the word correctly.

Children are taught native and additional languages by repetition, not by correction.  The repetition of mispronounced words enables the learner’s brain to accept the correct pronunciation and eventually replace the incorrect version completely.  This system of learning works incredibly well for adults, and is the main advantage of immersion learning.

By understanding the way we learn a language, we, at Chatterbox English, have developed a speaking and listening programmes based on the repetition of words, rather than the mechanics of the language.  By learning in an online class we can provide the safety and security that many people require in order to make mistakes and therefore learn efficiently.  The online environment often means you do not know the other participants in any other co text and can speak with less inhibitions.  However, many adults and older children get a great deal of comfort in being able to learn and understand the grammar rules, and practice using vocabulary within these rules, so Chatterbox English has also provided a range of online quizzes and information sheets to fulfil this need. 

Try our online classes, and see if you can also benefit from our ‘rule free’ speaking class.