'The´ is called the definite article, and can also be used for the plural.

You can use THE in front of any noun,

She dropped the book.


You can use THE when the person you are talking to knows which person or thing you are talking about.

I’ve been to the doctor (my doctor)

Could you pass me the salt!  (salt that is on the table)

Can you close the door? (only one in the room)


You can use THE when the subject has been mentioned before.

She’s got two children.  One boy and one girl.  The boy’s twelve and the girl’s fourteen.


You can use THE when there is only one.

The sun                     The moon                             The stars

The railway              The woodman’s


You can use THE to discuss our physical environment – the world around us and our climate.

The town.                 The country.                                    The fog.

The night.                 The sunshine.


We also use THE with superlatives.

The oldest.               The biggest.


You can THE for well known things.

This is Cathy Parker the novelist.