Unusual foods are found around the world and some dishes and ingredients seem a little strange to us.    Would you consider eating the following things?   What is your opinion?


'The´ is called the definite article, and can also be used for the plural.

A/an is the indefinite article (singular).  Some/any is often used as the plural

Countable nouns are the names of separate articles that we can count. 

Many expressions in english can be very difficult to understand as they have a different meaning to the words that are written.

 English is used by over 900 million people throughout the world, with about 335 million of those being native speakers.

benefit is something you receive from a job. 

            Example:         The benefits include Flexible Working hours.

Do fashionable clothes really change the way a person looks?

Countable nouns are easy to recognize. They are things that we can count. For example: "pen".  We can have one, two, three or more pens.  

Your family are also your relatives.
Your immediate/nuclear family includes your mum, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife and children.

'Small talk' or trivial conversations are very common within English.  Do you know the answers to some of these food questions

Idioms are used as part of everyday english, and understanding and being able to use them is a great way to improve your fluency when speaking in english.

Make My Day means 

To make someone very happy.  

Short vowel sounds can usually be identified by a consonsant on either side.

Most students have spent a long time perfecting their grammar usage and extending their vocabulary.