benefit is something you receive from a job. vocabulary

            Example:         The benefits include Flexible Working hours.

Speaking Aloud as often as possible helps you to become more comfortable with speaking english.  The more you speak the less you think about how you sound.  This will mean that you spend more time listening to those you are talking to.

What is your opinion of the media?  Do you think it is a valuable part of everyday life?

Look at some questions concerning the media and answer them either by speaking or writing to improve your skills.

This programme will focus on the differences between Arabic and English, meaning that you can spend more time on specific areas, which will save you both time and money.

This programme will help with managing both large and small meetings. Confidently use verbs for postponement, learn the expected processes and protocols, and manage AOB

We make a million decisions during our lifetime, and how we make the decisions often depends on the situation.  We could choose were to go on holiday by stocking a pin in a map, or we could choose what we spend our money on.  Each decision is based on a variety of different relevant factors.

You can use your google analytics data to make comparisons between the way that visitors enter your site and where they go once they are engaged.

Franchises have different requirements depending on the country that you intend to open the business in. 

The media is a key part of understanding english, especially within a business environment.  By thinking further about these questions you will be able to understand a little more and talk more fluently.

What do you think of when you hear the word 'holiday'?  Some questions to help you improve your English speaking fluency.

Are there some things or times that you will never forget?

Are there some things or times that you wish you could forget?

Are you always forgetful? Do you always forget things?

Infographic to help you improve your confidence and fluency by understanding the basics of English plurals.

Present Simple

Base verb with `s` for third person singular

 Used to discuss the quantity of something.

 Gain confidence with the differences between these words