What do you think of when you hear the word 'holiday'?  Some questions to help you improve your English speaking fluency.

Are there some things or times that you will never forget?

Are there some things or times that you wish you could forget?

Are you always forgetful? Do you always forget things?

Leisure time is very important for people as it gives you time to focus on something other than your stressful business life.  It can improve emotional and physical health and can also relieve both stress and boredom.  Group activities can lead to better communication skills, as well as broadening knowledge or skill.

In English, you usually reply with a short answer and not just 'yes' or 'no'.
The short answer is usually the same 'auxiliary' that was in the Question.

Silent letters are often found within the english language.  They occur not to be difficult or to make spelling harder, but because of their history.  The english language is a very old language and has its origins based across many other languages, ways of spellings and pronunciations.

Are school uniforms good to have? Why or why not?

Are straight-A students smarter than others or just better at memorizing things?

Some useful questions  to rehearse before going to an interview

Bad weather




These are known as difficult pairs.
Dictionary Definition
Talk (as a converstion)   Talk - Talked - Talked  - to say things to someone as part of a conversation.

What are your symptoms?

I've got a cold/rash/sore throat/temperature.

I feel sick/dizzy/breathless/shivery/faint/bad at night

I am depressed/tired all the time

Ambrose Bierce was a 19th century American author an journalist. 

His most popular book is probably the Devil's Dictionary, written between 1881 an 1887. 

Questions about work, and Job interviews.  It includes some unusual questions, but will give you something to think about before an interview, and also give you time to prepare some answers.

Speaking Aloud as often as possible helps you to become more comfortable with speaking english.  The more you speak the less you think about how you sound.  This will mean that you spend more time listening to those you are talking to.

English is a language that uses a lot of words.  Vocabulary is a very important part, but many students learn lists of words based around subject groups, when learning groups of words together may be more useful.

What is your opinion of the media?  Do you think it is a valuable part of everyday life?

Look at some questions concerning the media and answer them either by speaking or writing to improve your skills.