What is the best way to introduce yourself and others?  Is there a difference between formal and informal introductions?  How would you close a conversation?

Do you know how many friends or followers you have on facebook?  How many of them are real friends?   Or do you consider them all real?  This free programme looksat social media and what part it plays in your life.  A great conversation topic.

A free programme to help you gain confidence in discussing difference and appearance in English. 

What is the difference between beauty and brains?  What effect does appearance have on social interactions?

A free programme to help you increase your conversational skills.

A short quiz on places in your town.

Colour questions to help you improve your conversation and vocabulary skills.

What is your favourite colour?

This programme will help with managing both large and small meetings. Confidently use verbs for postponement, learn the expected processes and protocols, and manage AOB

This programme will help you improve your skills within a group or meeting environment.

Using English within conversations is one of the most challenging parts of learning a language. This free downloadable booklet aims to provide a range of food based conversations and information using quantifiers.

Quantifiers are words and phrases that indicate the quantity, level or amount of something. 

In general, the answer to this much asked question is -

That depends on your reason for learning English and how much work you are prepared to put in each week!"

Holiday phrases to help improve your English conversation and writing skills 

What do you think of when you hear the word 'holiday'?  Some questions to help you improve your English speaking fluency.

Are there some things or times that you will never forget?

Are there some things or times that you wish you could forget?

Are you always forgetful? Do you always forget things?

Leisure time is very important for people as it gives you time to focus on something other than your stressful business life.  It can improve emotional and physical health and can also relieve both stress and boredom.  Group activities can lead to better communication skills, as well as broadening knowledge or skill.