Going shopping for food is done to replace food and household items.  This great resource will help you identify what is needed, make a list, make a decision on going and then help you gain confidence when you are in the supermarket or store using your english.

Business English Students say that speaking is one of the most important elements of learning english.

Understanding your level of speaking depends on the level you have achieved in your previous studies and how much access you have had to other English speakers.  Costing just 20€, it will let you know what you need  to do and also what you don’t, which will save valuable study time and money.

Chinese has a huge range of versions, dialects and accents, but most have a good or native understanding of mandarin. 

 Gain confidence with the differences between these words

Do you like to pick or snack food? 

Are you a calorie counter? 

 Used to discuss the quantity of something.

Quantifiers are words and phrases that indicate the quantity, level or amount of something. 

Using English within conversations is one of the most challenging parts of learning a language. This free downloadable booklet aims to provide a range of food based conversations and information using quantifiers.

Much and Little

   With uncountable nouns to talk about a quantity of something